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Allison Sowards



My Story

Hi there! Welcome! My name is Allison and it is my pleasure to be your Scentsy consultant, or at least I hope I get the chance to be!

I had my first experience with Scentsy when my friend had a party in 2008. When I first learned about Scentsy, I liked the idea of it, but I was a broke college student, living in a tiny townhouse off campus with three roommates, so I thought I would try a Mini Warmer due to limited space and bought a few bars of wax. One of those bars is still my favorite still to this day, the one that sucked me in and forced me to buy a warmer... Blueberry Cheesecake! Fast forward a few years down the road, and my boyfriend's sister began selling it, and thus my Scentsy addiction really began until August of 2015 when I decided to start my very own Scentsy adventure...

On a normal day, I get to spend my day in my classroom, or my home away from home, with an amazing group of third graders. I decided to join Scentsy for several reasons. First, I wanted something fun and exciting to add to my hectic work life besides grading papers and creating lesson plans. Second, once I realized how much I was spending on Scentsy on a monthly basis, I decided that the $99 to join wasn't so bad, and I would get paid for buying my own Scentsy products! It was a win-win! I would never have imagined that the day I signed up, that I would be where I am now with this business. I get to not only spend my days doing what I love in the classroom, but I also get to share my love and passion of Scentsy as well. 

Thanks to Scentsy, I have been able to attend events here in the Metro Detroit area sponsored by Scentsy. I have been given the ability to travel to places I never thought I would have been able to!

*World Tour in Detroit
*Scentsy Family Reunion in Nashville - where Scentsy took me to the a FREE concert at the Grand Ole Opry!

*World Premiere in Detroit
*I earned a trip to Punta Cana, and unfortunately, my teaching job had to take priority, so I cashed that trip in for a FREE trip to Kansas City, Missouri for Scentsy Family Reunion, where Scentsy not only spoiled us (AGAIN!), but took us to a Kansas City Royals game, who just happened to be playing MY DETROIT TIGERS!

*World Tour in Detroit, where I had the opportunity to be a presenter!
*I was able to earn my spot on an amazing cruise, but I am fortunate enough to be able to cash that trip on for an all expense paid trip to Anaheim, California in July! Scentsy treated us to a day at Disneyland and California Adventures! I was even able to put my feet in the Pacific Ocean, an idea I had only ever dreamed of being able to do!

*World Tour in Columbus, Ohio
*Scentsy Family Reunion in Austin, Texas!

*World Tour in Grand Rapids, Michigan
*Virtual Scentsy Family Reunion
*Virtual Directors @ Home Bootcamp

*Virtual World Tour
*Earned my third trip to Disney World
*Virtual Scentsy Family Reunion
*Virtual Star Director Summit

*Virtual World Tour
*Scentsy Family Reunion in Salt Lake City, Utah - earned it!

*Spirit Squad for World Tour
*Scentsy Family Reunion in Charlotte, North Carolina - earned it!

*Spirit Squad for World Tour
*Scentsy Family Reunion in Orlando, Florida - earned it AND will be a presenter!

While at these events, my drive and passion for my Scentsy business has soared. I can see the potential in my Scentsy journey, and I know where I want it to be. I see Scentsy as the job to not only supplement my teaching job, but eventually, just maybe, it can be my only job! I also get to enjoy helping others reach their goals with Scentsy, and that makes me happier than when I achieve my goals! Seeing others succeed is what I love the most about our Scentsy family! I would love the chance to help you turn your dreams into reality too!

Scentsy has not only given me more excitement and fun in my life, it has given me the opportunity to meet new people and create long, lasting relationships, not only with people on my Scentsy team, but with my customers! Scentsy has also been allowing me to make payments on my student loans, make a few extra credit card payments, and still leave a bit of extra money for me to use to spoil myself.

Why not join Scentsy? You could have the extra freedom I have and much more, along with earning some awesome trips and incentives!

Don't want to share Scentsy, but want free or half-priced Scentsy? Why not have a party? It doesn't have to be in your home! You can host a basket party, or even a Facebook party! Or you can just simply enjoy all that Scentsy has to offer!

Please feel free to contact me with me any questions!
Have a scentsational day!

"There is no challenge too great for those who have the will and the power to MAKE IT HAPPEN!"

My hustle isn’t the same as everyone’s. But if I can do it, YOU can too! Those legal words they make us use when we talk about making money, earning incentives and trips... *Results are not typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the Income Disclosure Statement:


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